by Melanie Stewart

The nine winners of this year’s GCWGA Scholarship were presented with their certificates at the Low & High Kent Tournaments again this year. Alexandra Schutte, Lauren Abner and Maddie Owens attended the Low Kent held at the Heritage Club, and Heather Bruck, K.C. Bell, Samantha Skarda, Bree Wilson and Rachelle Soh attended the High Kent held at the Oasis Club. Julia Breckinridge could not attend either event and received her certificate separately. The certificates were presented by Foundation Chair Georgianne Koch. Each winner introduced themselves to the participants of the Tournaments, who all contributed to the Scholarship Foundation. It was a great opportunity for them to meet many of the donors who make the scholarships possible. Congratulations to the winners and good luck in college this fall!

2019 High Kent Recipients: Heather Bruck, K.C. Bell, Samantha Skarda, Bree Wilson, Rachelle Soh

2019 Low Kent recipients: Alexandra Schutte, Lauren Abner, Maddie Owens