1. Monitor the handicap sheet for your club to guarantee eligibility for the players on your team. The final posting date for Spring team eligibility is the final posting date in October as determined by the GCGA. The final posting date for the Fall teams is publicized every year and is usually August 15th.

2. Enter a roster into the Club page on the GCWGA website that includes a maximum of 30 of the Club’s lowest handicap eligible and available players to the Team Play Chairperson by the date specified on the form. Only those listed may participate, and all must have 10 scores in the GHIN system from the prior two years for spring team play.  For fall team play, 10 scores are required in the GHIN system from the previous year up to August 15th of the present year. No roster changes after the designated due date.

3. Have a pre-season meeting with team members at which time the captains should instruct the team members to:

a. Go to extreme lengths to speed up play. Four to four and a half hours playing time is appropriate and necessary. Starting holes are chosen to clear the course as quickly as possible. Keep up with the group in front of you. If you can’t keep pace with the group ahead, you must allow faster groups to play through. Pick up when out of the hole. Pick up when matches are completed. Any player who continues slow play after receiving one warning will be disqualified and will forfeit all points for that match.

b. Turn in points immediately following play.
c. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.
d. Make sure each member has her own copy of the current year’s USGA Rules of Golf to refer to if needed

4. When you are the host captain, see that the course and holes are marked with temporary markers and directional signs if permanent ones are not on display at all holes. Work with the pro on tee assignments and ranging of slow play.

5. The team captain should provide the pro shop with a list of their team members and their charge-back numbers. Hamilton Elks, Miami View, Stillmeadow, and TPC do not accept charge backs from other clubs. These captains should collect the cart fee and present payment to the pro shop.

6. Points are to be turned in to the division chairperson after they are attested by both captains. The points are invalid if this procedure is not followed. Once the points are attested, they cannot be changed at a later time.

7. Snacks and a drink will be provided at the turn. When you are host captain, limit the selection and insure that easily portable items are provided.

8. In the event of a canceled match, it is the team captain’s responsibility to contact the Division Chairperson to confirm the rain date and time and to notify team members.

9. The team captain should verify the opponent’s roster, hole position, position of play and assigned golf carts. Verification should be made by the day prior to play so that order can be verified before play begins. This will help facilitate a prompt start on match day. Last minute changes must still be verified prior to the match with the opposing team captain. Teams discovered playing out of position after the conclusion of a match will be assessed penalties as discussed in the “Team Play Guidelines”.

10. In the event of rain prior to play beginning or during play, instruct your team members not to default their match. If play is postponed and rescheduled at a later date, any default made is permanent and must stand.

11. When a club hosts spring and fall team play, it is their responsibility to have team representatives there to serve as hostesses and available to play if required by their club.

12. Team Play Captains should ensure the posting of the players scores for each round played using the appropriate Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) in compliance with the World Handicap System (WHS).