Each member club has three delegates (1 primary 2 regular) and one Alternate. The primary delegate serves as the “go to” person for her club. The delegate should forward all communications to the other delegates and alternates.

The delegates should be selected by the Club’s 18 hole Golf Chairperson from the club’s roster of 18 hole women golfers. It is recommended that the 18 Hole Golf Chairperson serve as an alternate.

Each delegate has one vote. The alternate may vote only in the absence of one of the delegates.

Term of Office:

A single term of office for a delegate is January 1 to December 31 of a calendar year. However, there is no limit to the number of terms a delegate may be appointed to serve.


A delegate is a liaison between GCWGA and the women golfers at her club and should keep her club members informed of all GCWGA meetings, tournaments, other events and pertinent information (i.e. rule changes, etc.).

A delegate should attend both regular meetings of the Association and any special meetings that may occur. The delegate should notify the alternate if the delegate cannot attend a meeting.

A delegate should be registered on the GCWGA website and check the website weekly for communications and updates. The delegate should be knowledgeable of the tournament registration process on the website. It is recommended the delegate also use the GCWGA Facebook page for information.

A delegate should actively participate in and promote all GCWGA tournament and events.

A delegate shouldbe aware of dates of upcoming tournaments and remind her members of each entry deadline.

A delegate should be available to volunteer, as needed , in GCWGA events.

A delegate should be familiar with the by-laws and policies of GCWGA.

A delegate must deliver the Team Play packet to her club’s Team Captain soon after she receives it at     the spring meeting (if the Captain has not picked it up during the Captain’s meeting.)

A primary delegate is responsible for emailing changes on their member club page to

A primary delegate will notify her other representatives of meetings, tournament duties, or assist with communications within her club.

A primary delegate should act as an ambassador to women’s golf, particularly in the Greater Cincinnati area.

A delegate who chooses to resign MUST notify by email to and her 18 hole Golf Chairperson immediately. When a replacement is appointed, the GCWGA must receive her name in writing at least one week prior to the scheduled meeting. Otherwise, that delegate’s vote will be lost.


Revised March, 2015