1. Before play begins each week, determine – with the host pro – whether the course is suitable for summer or winter rules.

2. Spring Chair should maintain a list of all players who play in all Spring matches and the number of matches they play in. This is our only record to track eligibility for Fall team!

3. At the end of play, collect points for each match attested by both captains. Points are invalid if not attested by both captains. Once the points are attested, they cannot be changed at a later time.

4. Keep all score sheets in case there are any questions regarding scores.

5. Keep cumulative points for each of the clubs in your division.

6. E-mail Publicity Chair (publicity@gcwga.org, the results by 5:00 p.m. the day of play.

7. In the event of inclement weather, you will be involved in deciding if the event should be canceled. This should be done with the help of the course superintendent and/or pro as early as possible. Team captains should encourage their host Pro to proceed with team play so long as there is potential for 50 degrees or above (taking wind chill into account). Compile a list of phone numbers for course superintendents and Pros in your division before the season begins.

8. Before play begins: Thursday evening, if the weather forecast for Friday play is questionable, check with the Pro. Find out where he can be reached at 7:00 a.m. Friday morning. If weather is threatening early in the morning, call the Pro and make a determination. If team play is to be cancelled, confirm the rain date with the Pro and call the team captains as early as possible – hopefully by 7:30 a.m. Stress to captains to not call you but to wait for your call.  If it is determined by 7:30 that the course is playable, teams are to be given a reasonable amount of time to arrive. This could mean that the starting time will be delayed. Captains must have at least four days notice of a rescheduled match if it is other than the rain date listed in the original schedule.

9. After play begins: Should weather conditions deteriorate after play has begun, all players should be called off the course for a short time. The Division Chairperson and Club Pro should meet to determine if play should continue. The maximum time for a rain delay is two hours. If play is to be suspended, the Division Chairperson and host Pro should reschedule play for the rain date already arranged. If all matches completed at least 9 holes, the scores for the first 9 holes remain in place and the players return on the rain date and play 9 more holes, as directed by the Pro. Points won or lost for the holes beyond the 9 played on the original date are cancelled.  If all matches did not complete 9 holes, the entire result for the original day is cancelled and on the rain date the matches begin anew.  Players must wait for an official word before leaving the club.

10. Highland Country Club’s back nine will sometimes be closed in wet weather, but play will continue using the front nine twice, as determined by the Pro.

11. Remind the previous year’s winner to bring the trophy(Division 1) on the final day for presentation to the current winner.  Awards are presented at completion of play on the final day.

12. Keep extra supplies, i.e. score cards, team tally sheets.

Revised 6/2013