1. USGA Rules of Golf govern team play. It is suggested that each player carry a copy of the rules in their golf bag at all times.

2. All matches will be jet start at 9:00 a.m., leaving the clubhouse by 8:45 a.m. unless otherwise noted.

3. Points will be scored after 18 consecutive holes have been played.

4. If “winter rules” are to be played, improve lie within six inches in your own fairway only. Local rules apply.

5. Matches will be played in foursomes and scored as follows: A hole is won (1 point), lost (0 points), or tied (1/2 point). Eighteen points can be won.

6. a) In the event of rain prior to play beginning or during play, members are not to default their matches. If play is postponed and rescheduled at a later date, any default made is permanent and must stand.

6. b)Should weather conditions deteriorate after play has begun, all players should be called off the course for a short time.  The Division Chairperson and Club Pro should meet to determine if play should continue. The maximum time for a rain delay is two hours.  If play is to be suspended, the Division Chairperson and host Pro should reschedule play for the rain date already arranged.  If all matches completed at least 9 holes, the scores for the first 9 holes remain in place and the players return on the rain date and play 9 more holes, as directed by the Pro.  Points won or lost for the holes beyond the 9 played on the original date are cancelled.  If all matches did not complete 9 holes, the entire result for the original day is cancelled and on the rain date the matches begin anew.  Players must wait for an official word before leaving the club.

6. c) If both the original date and the rain date are cancelled, the match will not be rescheduled. Points will be assigned as follows: each team (except the bye team) will receive half the total team points or the average of their season totals, whichever is greater.

7. a) The procedure to determine points when a club does not field a full team at a Spring Team match is as follows: defaulting club (four or less players are present) receives 0 points for its third team. The club fielding a full team receives for its third team, 9 points or the average of its first two teams’ points, whichever is greater. For Fall Team play and the case of only 1 or 2 players are present: the club fielding a full team will receive 9 points or the average number of points received by their 2nd team for the whole season, whichever is greater (in which case the points and standings will be determined at the end of the season.)

b) In the event that an entire team defaults (Spring or Fall), they must notify the Division Chairperson and the opposing team captain. The defaulting team will receive 0 points. The opposing team will receive the average points of their entire season or one half of the total points available, whichever is greater. In such a case, team standings will be determined at the end of the season. Once a default has been declared, the opposing team has the option to play. If a team withdraws during a match, this will be considered a default and they will receive 0 points for that match.

8. Players should check points, making sure they total 18, sign cards and turn them in to the team captain. The scorecard should be marked with the time when the match is completed. The captains then attest and turn in the points to the Division Chairperson. Points are invalid if the procedure is not followed. Once the points are attested, they cannot be changed at a later time.

9. The division winner is the team having the greatest number of gross points.

10. Awards in each division will be given for the teams having the greatest number of gross points.

Revised 7/2015