The 103rd Women’s Met will be played at Summit Hills on June 5-8. Registration is open now at Last year’s champion, Ali Green, spoke with us about the impact winning the Met has had this past year and her plans for the future.

GCWGA President Tracey Capuano and Ali Green

Q1.What impact did winning the 2017 Met have on you, if any?

I have competed in the Cincinnati Metropolitan Women’s Amateur Championship for the past 6 years, and I’ve always dreamt of winning due to the high caliber field it always yields. Before I won the last year, I never quite realized how historic the event was until I saw my name etched into the silver tray along with all of the other past champions. I feel honored and humbled to have my name associated with the tournament’s history. The impact winning had on me and my game was the immense confidence that was restored. I had a lot of success in my collegiate career, but the time I’ve spent teaching and coaching girl’s golf hindered my chance to practice and play. So winning helped both helped me restore my confidence and realize my ability to keep my game sharp while trying to juggle work, too.

Q2. What has the year after the win been like for you?

The year following the Met has been up and down. I continued to play in some more events over the summer, but had a lot of pain in my right wrist and found out I had a cyst one of the bones in my wrist and needed surgery to remove it. So, I’ve had to deal with the recovery process and getting healthy more than I have been able to work on my game. But I am confident that I will be ready at the beginning of June to defend my title.

Q3. How has winning impacted on your golf game?

Winning the Met was an amazing experience and only helped my golf game. This win added more confidence to my golf game and also helped me realize that even though I am working full time I am still able to compete with a high caliber group of women.

Q4. What are your thoughts on the Met this year?

The Met has always been a tournament that I look forward to playing in and that has not changed going into this golf season. I am extremely excited about the host course and to kick the tournament season off with such a great event. There definitely will be some added pressure to defend my title from last year, but that will only motivate that much more to play my best.

Q5. Tell us about your plans for the future – is golf a part of them?

Answering the question about my future is a very hard question to answer. Currently, I am an Intervention Specialist for students with disabilities at Reading Middle School and an assistant girl’s golf coach at Lakota East High School. In the summers I work at Four Bridges Country Club in the pro shop. I love my jobs and they have been amazing for me post-graduation. However, I do not know what my future holds. I have always had a dream of playing professional golf and I would love to make that dream come true. But either way, golf will always be a part of my life–both playing for fun and in other amateur competitions. I am a very competitive person and know I will be playing in tournaments for as long as I can.