Tournament Registrations

Please note:   Tournaments are open to members of GCWGA Member Clubs who have active GHIN handicaps with a minimum of 10 eighteen hole scores posted in the current and previous calendar years.  

GCWGA Tournament Registration will be opened on the dates noted below.  The MET and the Senior MET are GCGA Tournaments and the links below typically open in March.  


106th MET – June 8-10; Registration open now

High Kent July 11, 2022; Registration now open

Low Kent July 18, 2022;   Registration now open

27th MET Mixed Championship: Registration now open

Tri-City August 2, 2022; By Eligibility

Crystal Bowl Aug. 9, 2022;   Registration opens 7/19/2022

Nine, Wine & Dine Aug. 23, 2022;   Registration opens 8/1/2022

Inaugural Women’s Match August 23-25, 2022;  Registration open now

SHE Tournament – Sept 11, 2023 By Eligibility