The GCWGA Scholarship Foundation was founded in 2007. The purpose and mission of the GCWGA Scholarship Foundation is to grant one time scholarship(s) to female high school seniors who meet a certain range of qualifications. Candidates are selected on the basis of academic achievement, excellence of character, and involvement in the sport of golf. After all, these young women are our future!

In 2008, the first two $1,000 scholarships were granted. Since 2008, $75,500 in scholarships has been awarded. The Scholarship Foundation is funded through generous private donations from our members or through their scheduled Foundation Days at their respective clubs. Additional funding comes from the GCWGA and the SHE (Scholarship for Higher Education) tournament held each year in September.

If you know a girl who loves the sport of golf and meets the requirements, encourage her to apply for the scholarship. Annual deadline is March 1st. Information and applications on the scholarship can be found on www.gcwga.org.