The Greater Cincinnati Women’s Golf Association
The purpose of the Greater Cincinnati Women’s Golf Association (GCWGA) is to collect and distribute among member clubs information of mutual interest, promote regulation 18-hole competitions, conduct tournaments and championship events, and establish and maintain high standards of sportsmanship throughout its membership.

This organization of women from the greater Cincinnati area’s private clubs was founded in 1935 as a result of the women golfers of that time splitting from the men’s golfers league. It was originally a group of about 10 clubs and now has grown to 25 clubs.

The Association is governed by an Executive Board of eight who are elected by club delegates at the Fall Delegates’ Meeting. Board members serve a term of no longer than 3 years.

In addition to the Executive Board, the GCWGA also includes the Long Range Planning Committee and the Course Rating Committee.

The GCWGA has forged a partnership with the Greater Cincinnati Golf
Association (GCGA) to present 2 major area events:
– The Women’s Metropolitan Amateur Championship
– The Women’s Metropolitan Senior Championship

The GCWGA sponsors the following 18-hole events :
– Spring & Fall Team Play Competition
– The 2 Kent Memorials – High and Low handicap
– The Crystal Bowl
– 9, Wine & Dine
– S.H.E Cup-Foundation Tournament

In 2008, the GCWGA implemented its Jr. Scholarship Foundation to award college scholarships to female junior golfers in the Tri-State. The Scholarship for Higher Education (S.H.E. ) Cup Tournament was founded to fund the Foundation.