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The mid 1950's saw the end of the three decade dominance of Olga Weil and Dolly Schmidmiller in the Greater Cincinnati Women's Metropolitan Championship. As we look back in the history of the late 1950's and early 1960's we see the emergence of young golfers and new names that will prevail throughout the next several decades.

Little did anyone know when Judy Anderson, Coldstream Country Club, began play in the Met championship at age 13, she would become the most prominent golfer of the next three decades. She qualified that first year in the fourth flight and won! Her winning tradition had begun and over the next 22 years, she would prevail as the city champion 5 times under her married name of Judy Diem. When she didn't win, she was a strong challenger in the championship flight as a semi-finalist or runner-up numerous times. Judy's early wins occurred in 1959 and 1961. Strong competition came from Olga Weil, three time Met champion Janet McIntosh Mueller of Maketewah Country Club and Janet Craig, a perennial challenger from Terrace Park Country Club. Other fine contenders in the 1960's were Sally Christensen and Joan Comisar.

Another young golfer emerging in the 1960's was Margaret Jones, Ft. Mitchell Country Club. As a 19 year old, Margaret won her first Met in 1962. She topped off that year by also winning the Kentucky Women's State Amateur Champion. Margaret had been an excellent junior golfer, winning the Cincinnati Junior Girls' Championship 3 times. She would be the city champion again in 1963 and 1968.

In 1965, the Women's Met celebrated it's 50th anniversary at Cincinnati Country Club, home of the first winner, Ella Banning. It is fitting that the 50th Met winner was Sally Christensen, a member of Cincinnati Country Club. Sally was a fiery competitor and reached the championship final match 3 other times.

During this same time Sandy Jones , Terrace Park Country Club, had developed a strong game, became a perennial contender and won her only Met in 1966.

Having made her first appearance in the 1964 Met, Joan Comisar, Kenwood Country Club, won her first of 4 women's championship in 1967 defeating Sandy Jones. An excellent and consistent golfer, Joan contended for several decades, also winning in I971, 1977 and 1979.

A review of newspaper sports columns throughout the 1970's reveals a repetition of names in the headlines – Sandy Jones, Joan Comisar, Judy Diem, Jane Degroff from Miami View Golf Club, Elinor Mosher, Cincinnati Country Club, and Gerry Stoffregen, Kenwood Country Club. Each of these women reached the semi-final and/or final matches multiple times. During this decade, Joan Comisar was champion 3 times, and Elinor Mosher and Judy Diem each won twice. Gerry Stoffregen, Jane Degroff and Sue Shilling, Bel-wood Country Club each prevailed one time.

In the late 1970's, several new names began making headlines. Among those were Diane Calkins, Miami View Golf Club, Lynn Thompson from O'Bannon Golf Club and Louise Kepley of Cincinnati Country Club.

Watch for the April historical review to learn how these newcomers performed in the 1980's!



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