2015 GCWGA Golf Season



Look at the course of history and patterns emerge.
Whether over the long term like the rise and fall of ice ages and empires, or in the short span of an artist’s career, certain key elements rise, repeat and shine anew.

The course – pardon the pun – of Cincinnati women’s amateur golf adheres to history.

Witness Cincinnati Country Club. The Greater Cincinnati Women’s Golf Association will celebrate the 100th Women’s Metropolitan Amateur Championship this summer at the rolling Grandin Road landmark in Hyde Park. The event runs June 29 to July 2.

Registration opened Jan. 16 and is available online at www.gcwga.org. The tournament features a one-day qualifier June 29 for seeding and three days of match play June 30 to July 2 play in several flights to determine the city champion.

More commonly known as the Ladies Met, the inaugural tournament actually teed off at Western Hills Country Club, but Cincinnati C.C. member Ella Banning won that first title in 1916. Cincinnati hosted the second annual Ladies Met in 1917, the 50th anniversary tournament in 1966, and many other championships over the last century.

Cincinnati Country Club last hosted the Ladies Met in 1987. “Cincinnati is one of the most respected clubs in this city and we are thrilled to be able to play the 100th Ladies Met there this year,” said Jane DeGroff, a former Ladies Met champion and current GCWGA board president. “To have such a significant event in our history at such a significant club in our history is incredibly special.

“We’ve been saying ‘You only have one chance to play in the 100th Ladies Met,’ and it’s true. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for women to be part of the history of the game in Cincinnati. Whether you’re intensely competitive or not, if you ever thought about playing in the Ladies Met, this would be the year to do it.” The GCWGA expects a record turnout for the tournament. In part for the historic elements – including past-champion honorary starters much like those who tee off at Augusta National to begin the Masters Championship – and in part for the rare opportunity to play the exclusive and challenging Cincinnati C.C. course.

Another aspect of the 100th Ladies Met celebration will be a June 28 dinner and program at Cincinnati Country Club the night before the tournament begins. While details are not complete, former WCPO-TV sports anchor Denny Janson will serve as emcee for an evening that will include a live panel discussion with several Ladies Met past champions.

The GCWGA website will be a hub of 100th Ladies Met information leading up to the event, featuring historical looks at different decades of tournament competition, player profiles and other features related to the event. Check back often for stories, photos and videos.

And remember, you only have one chance to play in the 100th Ladies Met. Register now.

Contributed by Mark Motz, Communications Advisor to the GCWGA, 100th Anniversary Celebration

BIG-MET-home The 100th MET registration link will take you to the GCGA website. To register, select “Tournaments” on the banner in the top section of the website. On the right site shaded box select link “tournament registration". (Please note you must register or be registered with ghintpp.com ). LOG IN. SELECT THE 100TH WOMEN’S MET, and the registration form will come up.”